Reserve Your Connectival

Given the outstanding demand for school-based digital programming we have increased our capacity to schedule new programs in 2021. We are thrilled by the outpouring of interest and enthusiasm. Contact us for availability, customization and pricing. We are grateful to all the administrators, students and families who have trusted us to help them provide impactful and connected virtual programs.

Program Details

Customized Missions

Create missions that relate specifically to your school community, history, or ongoing initiatives that your community is engaged with.

Peer Mentor & Student Leader Opportunities

Help senior students gain practical leadership experience by working collaboratively and receiving feedback from an ALIVE Instructor. 

Involve Your Faculty

A unique opportunity for students to get to know their teachers outside of the classroom as an engaged team member to solve problems and have fun.

Reach Beyond Your Event

Highlight your culture by engaging with alumni, the community and using media content created from the event to transfer learning throughout the year.

Connectival Design Principles

Explore the design principles that bring the ALIVE Connectival to life. We have diligently woven game theory principles, with community and collaborative experiential engagement to create an online event that enables community-building, competition, and learning. 

Connectival Testimonials

We are truly fortunate to work with incredible schools and organizations from around the world. We help bring their people together in unique and meaningful ways. Our Virtual Connectival experiences have engaged small groups of 50 to larger events of a 1000, and we continue to develop the Connectival for a variety of outcomes and applications. 

“In early September, over 450 of our students and staff engaged in ALIVE’s Connectival. We had so much fun! All 35 teams were completely engaged, energized and led by incredible ALIVE Instructors. Connectival was a building block for the relationships that will develop throughout the year. ALIVE was able to take a huge group of students and connect with them immediately. They created and facilitated a program where students could take risks and bond with each other. It will undoubtedly be a highlight from 2020.”

Melanie Van De Water
Dean of Students – Holy Trinity School, Richmond Hill, Ontario

“What your team has built out of the challenges that life has thrown your way is incredible! That was the most fun I have had with my school community since the pandemic started. Not only was it fun, but it was meaningful in that we got to consider different aspects of life and how we are connected to each other. I am evermore in awe of ALIVE and the strength and dedication to what you do for young people (and older people) every day no matter what the circumstances.”

Laura Binick
Guidance Counsellor – Branksome Hall, Toronto, Ontario

“I could not be more impressed with ALIVE’s Connectival. Students walked away feeling more connected to their peers and our school community, and more assured of their unique place within it. Though we are physically separated, the connections the ALIVE instructors and programming nurtured a deep, authentic sense of community and belonging.”

Stephen Antolin
Outdoor Education Coordinator – St. Michael’s College School, Toronto, Ontario

“What a wonderful start for our Grade 9 students! We are so grateful to you all for working with us to create something special. I heard again and again from advisors that they felt they really did get to know their advisees in ways that they haven’t in the past. We look forward to future collaborations and hopefully one day in-person you will make it to see us here in Albuquerque.

Joanna Hart
Upper School Dean of Students – Bosque School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sample Missions

Piano Skills

MISSION: Do you play the piano?  Share a video showcasing your skills.

Apple Split

MISSION: Share a video of you splitting an apple in half using only your hands.

The Climb

MISSION: Lay your device horizontally on the floor to share a video of yourself pretending to climb a steep cliff while actually just crawling across the floor. You may want to practice a couple of times to make this look as realistic as possible.

Intentions in the Wind

MISSION: During a video call, have each team member share an intention for the next month.  One team member will collect these intentions, print them and share a video of them fluttering in the wind.

Frequently Asked Questions

A team can be comprised of 12 – 15 students, a teacher and, if you choose, 2 – 3 older students to act as team leaders/ peer mentors. Each team will also have an ALIVE Instructor who will be dedicated to the team throughout the event to maintain a positive and engaging learning environment, guide discussions and highlight teachable and transferable moments related to the outcomes of the event.

There is flexibility in team structure. Engage one grade or make it a whole school event. Consider the possibility of running it through your House system or in Advisor groups. Mix and match grades to nurture new friendships, or create your teams by grade to enhance connections at each grade level.

Missions form the foundation of your experience and can be customized to meet your goals. Completed individually or as a team through an online video chat platform, mission types range across a number of subject areas such as cuisine, nature, humour, art and personal reflection to name only a few.

Missions are submitted using an online game app in three ways; a single photo, a video or a text submission. Missions are worth different points, tallied in real time and displayed on an active leaderboard throughout the event.

To maximize this experience each participant will need a desktop or laptop computer as well as an Apple or Android device such as a tablet or phone.  This program uses either google meet or zoom as well as an online gaming app available for free download.

The Connectival program is designed to be a one or two day event for schools. We have found that some organizations/corporate groups prefer the event to be delivered during an evening or over a weekend, and that is doable. We will work with you to customize your event to match your schedule and desired outcomes.