Engaging, Entertaining, On and Off The Screen Balance

Play and laughter shared among people is impactful, nourishing and crucial to the success of groups who strive for creativity, healthy relationships and maintaining a motivated culture.

I must admit that pitching this event to health care professionals during the pandemic was a bit of a tough sell and some met the proposal of yet another virtual event with a degree of skepticism. Having gone through this experience, however, I cannot speak highly enough about the amazing affair…

…this event proved to be a very powerful for morale-building during such difficult times. Under the clever, engaging stewardship of the ALIVE Instructors, any initial hints of skepticism or reservation were quickly dissolved. No one felt that they were ‘put on the spot’ and any anxiety about performance or participation was rapidly dispelled as an atmosphere of enjoyable, creative, healthy competition rapidly developed between the teams.

There was a wide range of enticing activities and challenges, ensuring the involvement of colleagues, co-workers and their families alike, as all ages were welcomed and included.  The comments from participants following the event were unanimously positive, ranging from “phenomenal”, “engaging” “unexpected and incredible fun” to “when can we do it again?”  We will definitely plan another such event for our team in the future. It would be hard to overestimate the benefits of this type of morale-building event for any group, whether from business, industry, academics, other professions or indeed any group of workers or colleagues.

Dr. Greg Ryan
Head, Fetal Medicine Program, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto.
January 2021

Having fun inspires creativity.

 An app-supported community-building quest and collaborative race with hundreds of playful and thought-provoking missions to complete. Primarily designed to be fun and generate friendly competitive spirit, this experience builds community while highlighting participants’ interests and strengths. Whether you are a part of a team needing a moral boost, a community looking to inspire new ideas, or a group of people driven to better understand each other, this experience is for you.

What is a mission?

Missions form the foundation of your experience and range across a number of subject areas such as cuisine, nature, humour, art, and personal reflection to name only a few.

Submitted using an online game app in three ways, a photo, a video or text, missions are worth different points, tallied in real time and displayed on an active leaderboard throughout the event.

Sing Out Loud

MISSION: Do you have the courage to sing out loud?  Share a video showcasing your talent.

Apple Split

MISSION: Share a video of you splitting an apple in half using only your hands.

The Climb

MISSION: Lay your device horizontally on the floor to share a video of yourself pretending to climb a steep cliff while actually just crawling across the floor. You may want to practice a couple of times to make this look as realistic as possible.

Intentions in the Wind

MISSION: During a video call, have each team member share an intention for the next month.  One team member will collect these intentions, print them and share a video of them fluttering in the wind.

Personalize Your Event

Custom Missions

Personalize your event by creating missions specific to your goals or group. Create missions that allow participants to answer a question that you have created, or have them call someone and introduce themselves, the possibilities are endless.

Play for Charity

Have each of your teams choose a charity that they are playing for. The winning team’s charity will receive a donation from your organization.


All missions submitted through this event can be downloaded and given to you. This content can be used through various social media outlets and/or used to generate ideas, conversation starters or for marketing and communications.


You may choose to give prizes to the winning team or acknowledge outstanding missions such as most creative or most humorous.

Never underestimate the power that having fun has on community connections and creativity.