What is Grade Quest?

A customized virtual celebration and facilitated event that prioritizes the student community experience by engaging everyone in fun, community oriented activities with a dash of challenge and competition.

How does Grade Quest fit into your year?

Graduation Celebration
End of Year Send Off
Special Event or Themed Day
Community Development Event

The beginning and ending of each school year have always been important. In many ways, September and June are the bookends to our childhood years.  There is no question that this past year will forever be engrained in our minds for the unprecedented time we have all been wading through. No matter what your experience has been, having fun and fuelling meaningful connections remain important priorities. We are here to help. 

Every school tends to find their own way to wrap up the year in a way that celebrates the hard work of their students and staff. Some grades go off to camp or on city tours, some have BBQ’s on their back lawn, picnics, baseball games, giant family fun days with dunk tanks, face painting and music filling the neighbourhood. 

No matter who you are, this year has been hard, but we must still work diligently to honour and celebrate the small moments and create a meaningful, playful, engaging closure for young people. Close off your year with the ALIVE Grade Quest.


For the past year we have worked with schools across North America to bring digital, virtual community collaboration and group development programs to life. Over this time, we have delivered our new program Connectival to over 4000 students and educators. Connectival was born out of connection + festival and our new Grade Quests are a refined version of the same great experience, tailored for your specific goals. Grade Quest is an app-supported, virtual community celebration designed around friendly competition with hundreds of playful and creative missions that get your students moving both inside and outside. 

How Does it Work? What do the ALIVE Instructors Do?

Teams are comprised of approximately 15 students, one teacher and one ALIVE Instructor.  The Instructors facilitate the day, enhance teachable moments and help students have fun while creating a space to reflect on the past year with a focus on what strengths they have acquired.


"With the aid and encouragement of well-trained instructors, our 950+ students enjoyed on-line adventures built on opportunities within their homes and yards. They empowered each other through group activities to be creative, musical, analytical, silly, thoughtful, energetic and supportive. The missions incorporated the unique history, geography and culture of our school. The energy was felt throughout the school itself. Although the teams accumulated points to battle against one another for overall victory, the experience was a win for everyone. Our event was tailored for our school and the same is done for each client."
Elizabeth Brooks
St. Michael's College School

How is Grade Quest Different from Connectival?

Great Question! We Believe it is About Intention.

Connectival was built around the idea of generating a collaborative virtual experience where students, faculty and an ALIVE Instructor work together to build community, strengthen relationships, and foster a sense of belonging with their team. Connectival builds strong communities, enables fun, and promotes collaboration. 

Grade Quest Works to Celebrate Community.

Grade Quest is designed to help students and teachers look back on the past year while also highlighting what we can look forward to as we move into the future. Teams compete in both individual and group missions that are designed to help promote reflective sharing, identify growth experiences, share positive intentions, engage in community appreciation, and celebrate as a community. 

Celebrate Their Milestone - The Importance of Closure

When teaching writing, we often talk about the importance of a strong conclusion, summarizing the story in a way that leaves the reader satisfied, inspired or wanting more. We recognize that May/June is certainly not the end of the pandemic, but it is an opportunity to help your students end on a high note, have some shared laughs and to understand that amidst the challenges they have been developing resiliency and other key life competencies that will help them navigate this ever-changing world.

"ALIVE's virtual programs offer an outstanding experience for students, teams, companies, friends, fundraisers, graduations, school parent nights and most other group gatherings."

Our Original Virtual Program

Connectival Preview

Upon the tremendous success of our original virtual program – Connectival – we have launched Grade Quest. Have a peek at some of what made Connectival a truly unique virtual program for the over 4000 students who participated in 2020/2021. We have taken the best of the Connectival and built Grade Quest to achieve the goals for your special student event. Whether it is to celebrate the end of year milestones or thoughtfully launch the beginning of your year, we will work with you to customize your vision. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about Grade Quest and our Virtual Programs for Students. We are of course more than happy to speak with you to answer any additional questions. Either contact us via phone, email or through our webform. We hope to hear from you.

While the Grade Quest does not replace graduation, it has served as a special program for graduating classes to have  fun, reflect and give back to their school community through missions related to gratitude, legacy and passing advice on to younger students.  Some schools have used this program to replace a Grad Retreat. At a time when it is difficult to celebrate in person, this program aims to help schools find a way to honour their grads while having fun.

Yes, we want to work with you to customize your event. Over the last 20 years we have been committed to working with each client to ensure that our programs complement and enhance their vision and desired learning outcomes.

Create missions specific to your school culture, engage one grade or make it a whole school event. Have your student government, teaching staff or school mascot make an opening ceremonies video. We will work together to personalize things as much as possible. 

To maximize this experience each participant will need a desktop or laptop computer as well as an Apple or Android device such as a tablet, phone or Chromebook.  This program uses either Google Meet or Zoom as well as an online gaming app available for free download.

To ensure a diversity of missions, Grade Quest was designed and is facilitated for students when they are at their home, rather than at school. 

Depending on the missions you select, on top of being a celebratory day, Grade Quest can help students learn and connect to their local outdoor environment and look at spaces and things in their everyday life from different perspectives.  Be in touch with us to discuss missions to fit your vision. 

A team can be comprised of 12 – 20 students and 1 teacher. Fourteen to fifteen is ideal.  Each team will also have an ALIVE Instructor who will be dedicated to the team throughout the event to maintain a positive and engaging learning environment, guide discussion and highlight teachable and transferable moments.