Tim Elmore’s “Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child” has been a strong guiding principle for ALIVE programs. What lies ahead for young people is never exactly known and we see our role as educators to help prepare them for the varying terrain they will inevitably face throughout their lives.  More than ever, we are experiencing the necessity of having a strong personal foundation to call upon when we need to stay calm and grounded.  This forms the foundation of ALIVE workshops.

ALIVE workshops focus on a wide range of topics from self awareness and world view to community and well being. While we have a series of pre established workshops we have found that many schools  prefer customized programs.  As always, we are open to suggestions and are keen to work collaboratively to meet your vision and desired learning outcomes.  

We're not meant to stay the same. Change is good.


Choose from a range of topics, or let us create something custom for your needs.

Introducing the ANCHOR SESSIONS


In the spring of 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, a school we work with asked us to lead weekly sessions every Tuesday evening for any grade 12 student that wanted to attend. The goal was to try to offer some kind of footing at a seemingly groundless time. The students would choose the topic that they wanted to focus on for the following week. They shaped the lessons based on what they were feeling, thinking and wondering about. Sessions looked at deepening values, nurturing healthy boundaries, focusing on positive self-talk, recognizing and learning from our thinking traps, and learning how to build a resiliency action plan. We wrote together, shared our vulnerabilities, fears of the unknown and simply created a space for one another to be seen and heard. The workshops created were rooted in positive psychology, aimed at helping them navigate what at times felt like a black hole.

Over many weeks these sessions not only became an anchor for the students, but for the whole group, including the teachers and the facilitators.

The Anchor Sessions have continued to evolve over time. They will continue to be student directed, and rooted with the same goal in mind as the beginning, which is to help everyone find ways to embrace the uncertainty of life, to learn how to anchor themselves in a storm, and to keep moving forward. As Bob Goff said, “ Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

Please be in touch if you wish to learn more. Also please visit our March Break page, as we will be offering two, one-week Anchor Session programs within the month.

“Having this space where I felt safe to share, listen, laugh and cry was so meaningful to me because that type of human connection is what I desperately missed during social distancing. It’s hard to put in words the extent of the impact this time has had on me, but I think the value will be seen in how I choose to live my life with a deeper understanding of resilience, boundaries, and self-understanding.” –  2020 Graduate. G.W.

Ratios matter.


From our experience facilitating online, we have found that the greatest impact comes when workshops are delivered in groups of 15 or less.  Our shortest session is 60– 70 minutes (or the equivalent of one school period). To maximize learning, a series of workshops over multiple weeks is recommended. Half day and full day programs are also possible- synchronous and asynchronous learning on the longer programs. Please be in touch to learn more.

Strong roots allow trees to bend. 

"There were some big moments today with some students. Some who don't usually share, shared and some who have been quite surface level in their responses so far this year dug much deeper. I think there was just an overriding tone that you wouldn't let them away with anything less than something authentic which they responded to. The students were actively working to write and process information and it was the right balance of fun, visual, audio, and hands-on activities to keep them all moving through each workshop."
Kerry Anderson
Educator - Montessori Academy of London
"Whether face to face or in a virtual setting ALIVE delivers relevant, informative and transformative workshops for our students. ALIVE understands the needs of our community and appropriately customizes workshops that support our student's growth as learners and people. Your workshop was truly amazing. I was inspired by the care and compassion you gave our students and the ability you gave them to express their thoughts."
Dr. Steve Poplar
Post Secondary Counsellor - Holy Trinity School